Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Baseball Behavior Management System

Baseball Behavior Management System

I am just giddy about my Sports Themed classroom for next year. I am just waiting for a roll of butcher paper to be delivered to my school and then I will be in there creating!

In the meantime, I made this bahvior management kit.

This baseball behavior management system is perfect for any classroom but would be especially great in a Sports Themed classroom! What I love most about this system is that is forces kids to reflect on their behavior- both the good and the bad! Plus, it there are letters to send home to help keep parents in the loop!

Included in the unit is a baseball themed behavior clip chart. Students start at bat and can earn a base hot or a homerun for great behavior. If they earn a homerun, they get a special note to take home to their parents. Students who are not making good choices get 3 strikes. When they get a strike, they must fill out a behavior report and have it signed by a parent. Behavior reports can be kept in a Penalty Binder where they can easily be referensed when doing grades or meeting with parents.

I am working on an entire classroom theme sports kit. It will be coming soon so follow my blog so that you are in the know!


  1. This is Great.... Emphasizes the positive, but also has student take responsibility for Strikes. Teaches everyone in the class that they are a team.... Way to go!