Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Diggin' Into Next Year- Behavior Management

Diggin' Into Next Year- Behavior Management

Welcome to the 3rd week of the Diggin' Into Next Year link party. I already dug into classroom organization and math workshop. If you missed those posts, you an find them HERE.

...handle behavior management. 

This is our behavior clip chart. I have a sports themed classroom.

Whenever I notice that the class is a bit chatty, I find one of two students who are on task and I tell them to clip up. The whole class gets super quiet when this happens. This is not a new strategy, but it is a good reminder of how powerful positive reinforcement can be!

Why do they want to clip up? First, every time that they clip up, they get to put a jewel on their clip!

You would NOT believe just how motivating this is to all my little ones. Even the boys! I picked the jewels up from Joann’s using my educator’s discount. It did not break the bank.

Another reason that my students like to clip up is that any student, who ends the day on Homerun, gets to take home an MVP note to their parents!

The day that your challenging friend gets to take home an MVP note changes everything! They get so incredibly proud and can’t wait to earn it again!

Obviously there are times when I need to ask students to clip down. I give them one verbal warning. If the behavior does not change, they must move their clip. I am firm with this rule so that my students and parents always know what to expect. If they clip down, they take a time-out and sit on my cute stool to fill out a behavior reflection that I keep in a binder next to the clip chart.

The reflection is taken home and signed by a parent. This keeps parents in the know. They especially like the bottom portion that tells them when the class punishment was.

I keep a clipboard next to the stool where I record any student that clipped down. It is for my records. Reminds me who should be turning in a reflection sheet and helps when I do report cards.

You can find the clip chart, behavior reflection forms and MVP letters in my TpT store by clicking on the picture.

I also have a team behavior management system. It is very popular with my students.

I have three teams in my classroom- baseball, football and basketball. During a transition, independent work time or a pair and share- if I notice that one team is especially quiet or working well together, I will reward them with a point. I keep track of these points with little sports balls in mason jars.

I got the balls in the party section of Wal-Mart for a couple dollars and they also had soccer.

On Friday, we count up the team points. The team with the most points will be my Team of the Week the next week.  What does the Team of the Week get? Well, I am so glad that you asked!

First, the Team of the Week gets to have a placemat on their desk so that everyone who walks in our classroom will know that they went above and beyond!

You can grab these placemats for FREE by clicking on this picture.

All you have to do is print, glue to a large piece of construction paper and laminate!

The Team of the Week also gets to have a seat cushion on their chair! I call it a “cush for their tush.” They think I’m weird. They are smart. ;-)

I picked these cushions up at Wal-Mart. They came in packs of four for about $5.

And finally, the Team of the Week gets to go first all week. They line up first. They take their restroom break first. They get to choose their partners first and they get to pick math games first. It is quite an honor!

The best part of my behavior management program is that the kids are not being rewarded with candy and other costly trinkets. As a parent myself, this is very important to me.  Most items that I use are reused over and over which makes the system very cost effective. Since I am a teacher, this is also important to me.

I may have to change some of the implementation of my behavior system simply because I will be sharing a classroom. We are working to come up with a way to do a team of the week and I think we will come up with something great.

The only other change I plan to make is that I am hoping to implement brag tags in my classroom. A coworker showed them to me on Pinterest and I did some more research. Basically, each child gets a ball chain necklace. I would love to display mine if we have wall space. Then they earn tags for various things. For example, they might earn a tag for each 100 sight words mastered or turning in their homework on time for a month. The tags are displayed on the student's chain. I plan on letting them wear their chain every Friday. They are amazing. Why not show off a little?!

Do you have any fun ways to reward good behavior and achievement in your class?


  1. I love the Team of the Week idea! I have always used daily table tallies, and the group with the most at the given time gets to line up first, sit in the front at group time, etc. The place mat idea is a wonderful one though that I've "pinned!"

    I began using Brag Tags from Angie Olson (Mrs. Olson's Lucky Little Learners) about mid-year and my class LOVED them and responded well. I found Mardi Gras beads and used binder rings to attach them. I also created some for special events (Birthday, Read Across America, 100th Day) throughout the year, so in June the kids had sort of a memory time line!


  2. I also do a clip chart management system. When students reach the top of the chart they get to choose something from our classroom prize catalog. Items include sweat swap, sit a teacher desk, stinky feet (no shoes while in the classroom), lunch with a buddy...and many others. I have also thought about the brag tags and love the idea of letting them wear them on Fridays. We have class compliments rewards as well. Whenever our class as a whole is recognized outside of the classroom by another class or teacher for outstanding behavior, the class get a "Brownie Point". Once the class reaches a dozen, they get to vote on a sweet treat. I think I will incorporate the team of the week, which will really help to emphasize great choices.

  3. I use brag tags and will be using them with my clip chart this year. They're in my store if you want to check them out. I love how you added to jewels to the clips!

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  4. I do a clip chart management system but only have them write if they get to parent contact. I need to think about having them write sooner. When they get to great day, they get to pick a beanie baby for their desk. At outstanding we add a line with sharpie to the clip. I tried jewels but they kept falling off. I love the team of the week and the placemats. Would you consider doing an outer space theme?

  5. How do the fines on the Penalty Report work? Do you really fine them or this that there just for fun?

  6. I stumbled upon your blog from pinterest. I love all your ideas, especially since it is all themed. I completely agree that the rewards that you offer for good behavior do not need to be costly or even tangible. A positive phone call home to a parent is sometimes all a child needs. Thanks for sharing!


  7. What a cool idea! glad to hear that you found little balls at Walmart. I'm doing a soccer themed classroom this year. I think I'll go looking for them.

  8. Love your ideas! I will be implementing some of these in my PE "classroom" (gym).