Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Monday Made It

Monday Made It

I am excited to be linking up again with 4th Grade Frolics for another Made It Monday! All of my projects are for the classroom. I start back in 2 weeks and I still feel like I have a long to do list!
My first project is a shameless copy from The Evil Math Wizard. I saw them on her blog last winter and have been wanting to make them ever since. Well I finally got around to it!

Check out my multiplication beads.

Each compartment has a different amount of beads on the pipe cleaner. For instance, the yellows have 7 beads. So if a student is working on the problem 3x7, they can pull out three of the yellows and count to help solve. I think it is perfect for developing foundational skills.

This was so simple that I actually made it in the waiting area of Sports Clips while my son and hubby were getting hair cuts. The men in the waiting area probably thought I was crazy. Oh well!

Here is what you need. I got my supplies for about $10 at Walmart and have lots of beads left.

Cut each pipe cleaner in half and then add beads. I later had to trim my pipe cleaners just a tad more to easily fit in the compartments. I had my children double check my counting and then added a label. Done!
My next project is another peak into my classroom. My husband and I put up my math bulletin board!

The goal post was made using a couple of pool noodles. My husband used his heavy duty staple gun to attach them to the wall. The football is a lantern that I purchased from a party store. Ignore the ugly holes in the wall. I plan to cover them with my water bottle holder!

My family went on a getaway up north to escape the desert heat. I took my computer and spent hours creating on the back deck. Some may say I need to take a break, but they just don't get that creating in my break!!!

Here is a look at some of my creations:

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  1. Your math board is AWESOME!! So creative and unique!!! Love it!

  2. New here, so it is great to have a peek.

  3. Those multiplication beads are brilliant!!!! I wish I would have seen them last year for my strugglers and ELLS. LOVE IT! Thanks for linking up all your goodies!!!!
    4th Grade Frolics

  4. That board is AMAZING.

    And your handwriting is gorgeous haha

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  5. Love the idea of these BEADS! I've already pinned and forwarded to some teacher friends. Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. Love those multiplication beads! Will be adding these to my summer to do list!

    Swinging for Success
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  7. Love the board! Where did you get the green paper?

  8. You will love those multiplication beads! I have three sets in my third grade class. My students come up with a variety of ways to use them - here they are using them for fractions - http://evilmathwizard.com/2014/04/using-multiplication-beads-for-improper-fractions/

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  10. Where did you get the green paper?