Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Tips and Tools for Interactive Notebooks with a FREEBIE!

Tips and Tools for Interactive Notebooks with a FREEBIE!

This year I am using interactive notebooks in math, reading and social studies. I absolutely love them! It was a bit intimidating when I first started using them and I often get questions about them. Let me share a little about what I have learned.

If you want more tips and ticks for interactive notebooks, be sure to follow my Interactive Notebook Pinterest Board. Just click on the picture below.

Are you ready for a FREEBIE?!

Click on the picture to grab free notebook covers, table of contents, rubrics and student reflection forms.

Happy notebooking!

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  1. Thank you for the tips and freebie! I just started using interactive notebooks this year so this was super helpful.

  2. A great post as I have downloaded several parts of interactive notebooks but their management and the way they can be used properly in class has been missing so now I feel a lot more confident. You are obviously an interactive notebook champion!! Thanks so much for the freebie :)
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  3. Interesting to know about the tactics in interaction..Thanks for sharing in this topic that is really useful one..
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  4. Love the idea of using them in small group. Thanks!