Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Frozen Themed Classroom Party

Frozen Themed Classroom Party

I am very excited about the Frozen themed party that I have planned for my kiddos on Friday. I thought I would share my plans in case you are still planning your own class party. I will update with pictures after Friday!

UPDATED- I added pictures!!!


I sent out a signup genius invite and had my parents sign up for food items. Every item was signed up for within a few hours!

They are cut in the shape of snowflakes!

I also asked parents to donate frozen themed plates and napkins and a crockpot of hot chocolate!


I plan to do a couple of whole-group activities first. We will do some "FREEZE" dancing to songs from the Frozen sound track.

Next we are going to do a challenge that I titled "Free Anna." I printed several pictures of Anna and laminated them. Then I froze them in a container of water. Students will be divided into groups and given a spoon. The first team to free Anna from the ice will be the winners!

After our whole group activities, I plan to move into centers. I have several parents coming in to help me with this. I am going to have four different centers that students will rotate through.

Center One: Ornament Craft

Center Two: Snowball (Marshmallow) Center. This center included two different minute to win it style games.

I somehow forgot to get pictures of the kids doing this game. :(

Center Three: Do you wanna build a snowman?

Center Four: Factor Freeze. I downloaded this FREE multiplication game HERE.

I only had a half day of school on Friday, but a fun wrap up, would be to play the Frozen movie or have a snowball (with balled up paper) fight! How do you celebrate winter break?

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  1. Those biscuits look delicious and I love the Olafs :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. What a fun day! Much more creative ideas than just showing a movie, great job!

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