Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: End of Year Desk Cleaning Made Fun!

End of Year Desk Cleaning Made Fun!

Today was my last day with students. I am CRAZY tired, but I really wanted to quickly write about a fun activity that I do every year to get my desks cleans. It is a student favorite and very effective on that last day!

My kids blow sloap bubbles on their desks!

You will need a few ingredients:

  • a dish tub or other small plastic container
  • dish soap (Dawn works best.)
  • straws
  • a plastic cup
  • dish rags (I ask my students to bring them from home.)
Fill the dish tub with water and a generous amount of dish soap. Use the plastic cup to put a puddle of soap water on each student's desk. Students use straws to blow bubbles. My ids love to see who can blow the biggest bubble. Or who can blow the most bubbles connected to each other. They have a blast for 15-20 minutes! (I do give them extra soap water from time to time.)

After lots of time to experiment, students use their dish rags to scrub their desks and chairs. I encourage my kids to really use their muscles!

I often use a Clorox wipe when they are done just to be sure that germs are killed, but the soap does a great job of cleaning the dirt, dust and pencil marks!

Clean desks and happy kids! Win! Win!

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  1. I use shaving cream with my kindergarten students. They love to write words and draw pictures and then they wipe it clean with a rag. It gets all the dried glue, crayons and pencil marks off. Have a happy summer.

    http://Kindergarten To The Core

  2. How fun!!! They made some huge bubbles!

  3. I am going to try this with my son :) Thank you for sharing such a great idea :) Keep posting! I love your blog!