Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: If Teachers Earned Brag Tags...

If Teachers Earned Brag Tags...

What if Teachers Earned Brag Tags?

I started using brag tags in my classroom several years ago. Those small tags work miracles. My students would work so hard to earn more behavior and academic tags. They were setting goals and making steps every day to achieve those goals. When they earn the tag, they feel proud of themselves. They feel like all of their  hard  work was noticed, valued and celebrated. If you want to read more about how I use brag tags in the classroom, click HERE.

And that got me thinking (which can be a scary thing)... Teachers everywhere are setting goals and working extra hard to meet those goals. We are going above and beyond the expectations. Teachers are maneuvering the 1980s copy machine, sweating out recess duty, doing the potty dance, holding our tongue at staff meetings AND still changing the lives of children. 


What if Teachers Earned Brag Tags?

Well today is your day, teacher friends! I am rewarding you with brag tags that are long overdue. So go ahead. Print. Laminate. Pass them out to all your deserving teacher buddies. Wear with pride! You have earned it.

What if Teachers Earned Brag Tags?

Click HERE to download your FREE brag tags for the teacher!

In all seriousness- thank you teachers for everything you did today and everything you will do tomorrow. You deserve to have your talents and perseverance recognized every single day.

What if Teachers Earned Brag Tags?

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