Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Are you ready for some football?!

Are you ready for some football?!

I LOVE themes and holidays! I always have and now I have a classroom full of kids who let me celebrate every "holiday" like I am still a kid! Right now I am over-the-moon excited about celebrating the Super Bowl with my kiddos. I don't even really like football, but the kids do! So I am using that fact to get them excited about reading, writing and math this week!!! Let me share my plans with you (with links to lots of FREE resources) and then I will update next week with pictures of my class Super Bowl festivities.

Reading Super Bowl
My class has been slacking with their 30 minutes a night of reading. So I decided to get them involved in a friendly class competition to get them reading! We are having a Reading Super Bowl! I divided the class into two teams (the Ravens and 49ers, of course) and they are competing to see which team can read more this week. For each 20 minutes that they read, they score 6 points. If they want to get the extra point, they have to write a sentence stating what the main idea of the book or chapter they read was. And the best part... I found FREE printable footballs and a letter to send home describing the game! Just click HERE to download. My husband made a scoreboard out of butcher paper and laminated it so that we can use a dry erase marker to tally the score each day. (Yay, a little math practice, too!)
The winning team will be having a pizza party with me during their lunch next week! I will also be picking an MVP (the person who read the most) to receive a Free Homework pass!

My kiddos will be doing a couple football writing activities this week.First, they will be writing Scoring Sentences!!! My kiddos were struggling with writing interesting sentences and so my very talented neighbor, Ms. Laird, lent me  this book. So for the last 3 weeks, my students have been practicing writing super sentences. This week, I am just changing the name! Something that simple can keep an activity from getting boring. I am going to break the kids into 6 groups and give each group a boring football sentence. One might be, "The player jumped." Or, "The crowd yelled." The students will add adjectives, when, and where words to turn the boring sentence into a scoring sentence. They are going to write their sentence and color a picture to go with it. Then I am putting them on a bulletin board titled, "Writing Worth Cheering About!" I got the title and I am using the writing paper from THIS free unit!!!

I do a form of the Daily Five during my reading centers. During their Work on Writing center this week, my kiddos are going to be filling out THIS Superbowl party planning book! I love it! They get to plan creative football food, write a cheer and design a jersey. So fun and well worth the money in my opinion!

My kiddos also go to a math center during their reading groups. I have noticed that my kiddos are still struggling with subtraction with regrouping. So I bought THIS packet. I printed them out and laminated the cards. I am turning it into a game of Slap. The football answer cards will be set out on the carpet. One student will show the others in the group the subtraction problem. They will figure out the answer and the first to slap the football with the answer will keep the football. The person with the most footballs at the end will be the winner. I am going to differentiate this for my groups. My low groups will be given a white board to figure out the answer. My high groups will do this with mental computation using CGI strategies that we have discussed. A simple and fun way to practice boring facts! Yay!

Party Time!
My kids get the chance to EARN a Superbowl party! I am using THIS free kit to help keep track of where the kids are. I will put the field on the white board. When I notice the kids are transitioning well, participating in class discussions and working hard- I will draw a card from the positive basket. The card will say how many yards they earn. On the other hand, if I notice the class is chatty and not working hard, I will draw a card from the negative basket. The card says how many yards they loose and I will move their football back. If the class gets a touchdown by lunch on Thursday, they will get a party after lunch!!!

I sure hope they earn the party because I have it planned! :-) A couple of weeks ago I asked one of my creative, football-lovin' moms to help me plan the party! She planned a bunch of cute football shaped snacks and emailed parents to get them to bring food and come lend a hand during the party. NICE! The first thing the kids need to do is make a prediction of which team they think will win the big game. I am going to give them the helmet from THIS kit to color and put their name on and predict the score. (They have to use multiplication to come up with a score prediction!) Then they can tape it to a butcher paper T-graph on the board. We will tally the results and compare our predictions to the actual game the next week.

Then the kids will be split into 3 groups to do a party centers rotations.
Center #1: I am putting out several cups with the numbers 3 and 7 on them. The students will take turns tossing skittles into the cups and adding up their score to see who has the highest score. Math!

Center #2: I am going to have the kids playing THIS free compound word memory game. Did I mention that it's FREE?!! :-) Plus, they have to add up their score, so they are doing some math too!

Center #3: The kids will sit in a circle with a football. I will call out a category and they will toss the football back and forth to each other giving an answer as quick as possible. For example, I might say "candy bars" and they would say things like "Snickers." Soon I will give harder (and more educational) categories such as: plural nouns, proper nouns, adjectives, x3 facts, etc. If they don't give an answer quickly or the answer is wrong, they are out. The winner is the last person in the circle. Perfect for reviewing all kinds of skills!!! And it involves throwing a ball so that makes it fun! YES!

After the centers, we'll eat football brownies and other cute treats!

Also, on party day- I am encouraging the kids to wear football jerseys or t-shirts. The girls can even dress as a cheerleader. I am thinking about dressing as a referee! I will be sure to get a class picture!

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own classroom! It's not too late! Sign up for email updates so you don't miss the pictures of our week!