Are you ready for some football?!- Part 2

My class had a BLAST this week celebrating the Super Bowl! I had parents email to thank me (which never happens!!!) and more volunteers than I have ever had. Plus, my kids were completely engaged and learning! I couldn't ask for a better week.

The Reading Super Bowl was the biggest hit! The game was very close all week! But in the end, the 49ers pulled off the win! Here is my winning team with their medals!

My kids read for almost 5,000 minutes this week!!! AMAZING! One parents emailed to say that her child never loved reading until this week and another said that her daughter insisted on bringing a book to the restaurant! And a bonus- they learned how to multiply double digit numbers this week when we were tallying their totals! The 49ers are excited to join me for a pizza lunch Monday to celebrate!

The football themed writing was a lot of fun this week too!!! We started by making some boring sentences into scoring sentences. My husband made an adorable bulletin board for me! I tried to get a good pic but because of a wall, I couldn't get far enough back to get the whole thing in.

 I digitally made this sign for the wall...

The kiddos did a pretty good job with the sentences. Here is my favorite...

 They make me laugh!

Here is the sign I made to describe our writing...

My kids also had fun being Super Bowl Party Planners during their Work on Writing center! One of the pages asked them to make a menu for the their party. Check out what one of my sweet students wrote...
Sounds good! Lol!

Also, during centers the kiddos did a football subtraction game. It was tough as the beginning of the week, but I noticed that they were much faster by the end! Growth!

Besides, the Reading Super Bowl- the other hit for the week was their Super Bowl party! They had to earn the party with good transitions, participation and behavior. The earned the party at the very last minute!

I originally planned to have 3 centers- but the morning of the party I decided to add a center. I am the queen of changing my mind at last minute!

Center 1: Football Compound Word Memory game

Center 2: Been Toss Game. They had to toss the beans into cups that had point values marked on them. They then had to add up their points to determine the winner.

Center 3: (The last minute addition!) Multiplication Super Bowl! I found a free game board on Teachers Pay Teachers. Then I just made multiplication flashcards. They took turns getting a flashcard and answering the fact. If they got it right they would roll a die and move forward on the board. The first person to the touchdown would win. I plan to use this game board more! I am thinking about doing some grammar review cards for it!

Center 4- The kids sat in a circle with a football. I would give them a category and they would have to come up with a word. They had to the count of 5 to name a word in the category of they were out. Then they tossed the ball to someone else. They couldn't repeat an answer given by another student. Categories were things like cartoons, candy bars, adjectives, plural nouns, multiplication facts, etc. They LOVED it!

After the games, it was time to eat! I had a parent bring in cute snacks!!!

Football cupcakes and Oreo balls...

Football Rice Krispie treats...

Football pizza pockets...

My class also made predictions for the big game on Sunday.

If my class is right- it looks like the Ravens are going to be the winners!

It was an awesome week!!! Fun had by all!!!

If you are interested in the resources and games that I used, check out THIS post.

Groundhog's Day post coming up next!