Base 10 Block Games!

I thought my kiddos had Base 10 blocks down...and then I gave an assessment. Oops!!! Some of my lower kids were still struggling! Since I am a firm believer in hand-on teaching- I made a set of 3 different games involving Base 10 Blocks! The games include War, Go Fish and Memory.

I love that I only need to make the playing cards once and have three different games they can play with them! That makes it quicker and cheaper to keep my kiddos engaged in their math centers!

But the best part about these games is that they are so easy to differentiate with! There are 18 cards that are 4 digit numbers. There are 18 cards that are 3 digit numbers and there are 18 cards that are 2 digit numbers. I can give my intervention kids different cards to work with than I give my enrich group! can use different cards at the beginning of the school year than you do mid-year! 

Click HERE to purchase the set which includes teacher directions, student directions for each game and 56 playing cards!