Happy Groundhog Day!

Yesterday we had a very long assembly and so I ended up only getting an hour and a half with my kiddos. We used the time to learn a bit about Groundhog Day!

We started by doing a Close Read of the Groundhog Day Legend. We have been learning about different kinds of legends in Reading so this fit in really well. The kids led their own discussion about whether or not they thought a groundhog could accurately predict the weather. Then they walked around the class taking a survey of the class predictions: Will the groundhog see his shadow or not?
They used the bar graph from THIS lesson.

Our class prediction was a dead tie!

Next the kids made a cute little craft. It was super simple, which was good since we had so little time. They turned out cute. The kids colored THIS groundhog and cut it out. They glued them on craft sticks and we stuck them in a cup of dirt.

I gave my fast finishers the fraction challenge from THIS lesson. We are starting a big fraction unit next week and so I wanted to offer a challenge to get them thinking. Several kids were able to figure it out! Yay!

I had a couple activities that I really wanted to do but there just wasn't time. I thought my kids would love THIS Shadow Detective lesson! And I found THIS generic game board that could be used for math facts or a grammar review. Maybe next year!

When we go back to school on Monday, I am going to have the kids watch the video of the groundhog so they can see if their prediction was correct. Looks like Spring is coming early!