Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Math Workshop and links to FREE math games!

Math Workshop and links to FREE math games!

I am really excited about my new Math Workshop that I started this past week! I team teach with my next door neighbor. She teaches the on-level/reteach group and I teach the enrich group. It's fantastic for both of us! (Although I may have the better end of the deal. Shhhhh! Don't tell her!) However, we only have an hour for math and it can be hard to fit everything in. I almost never have time for hand-on activities and I thrive on being a hands-on teacher! It was bugging me! So I thought and thought...and I came up with a plan!

Here is what my math workshop looks like:
15 minutes: Whole Group Lesson
30 minutes: Students will complete 2 centers (1 a skill center and 1 a fact practice center)
15 minutes: Closing and going over the Side A of their worksheet (Sadly, we do Saxon Math.)

I have 24 math students and I split them into 8 groups of 3. We have math class 4 days per week and they go to 2 centers per day. So I made 8 centers- 4 are for multiplication and division fact practice and 4 are skill practice. They will get to each center once per week.

This was the first week and it was awesome!

This is my Math Workshop board....
I named each of my groups after a shape. Then I used a pocket chart to tell them which center they do first and which center they do 2nd. (The fact cents are the even numbers and the skill centers are the odd numbers.) I got the cute numbers from HERE. Then after math, I just move the group names down one spot so that the chart is ready for the next day. The numbers in the pocket chart match up with the numbers on my centers which I keep in a rolling cart. I got the cart at Wal-Mart.

I assigned one student from each group to be the group captain. They are responsible for coming and getting the box for their group and then returning it when the center is over. I love that it takes very little space in my classroom!

 The kids loved it!!! They are used to doing centers in reading and so this came very naturally and required very little extra training! Yay!

This group is practicing adding and subtracting 3 digit number with a fun money game!

This group is practicing area!

 This group is working on multiplication and division using a game that I had donated to me through Donors Choose!

While they are working on their centers, I focus on the 3 groups that are doing skill centers. I sit with them and check that they are understanding. I ask questions and have them explain their strategies. It is so much easier to see who gets it and who needs a reteach when I meet with just 3 students at a time!

And the BEST part...Almost all of the center games were FREE! I am crazy about games and I spend WAAAY too much time browsing TpT and Pinterest. Do you want links to some of my favorite FREE games? Of course you do!

My class is working on fractions right now.
I like this center on the fraction of a number using QR codes since kids just love technology! I stick my iPad right in the center bin for them to check after they complete the questions!
My kids love games of war and so they are excited to do this fraction war and it is perfect for working on comparing fractions. It even has improper fractions! (You could take those cards out if you haven't taught that skill yet.)

Practicing equivalent fractions is so much fun with this Go Fish style game with a Star Wars theme!

In Math Workshop the kids are also working on their facts. I just introduced this cute multiplication game and they seem to enjoy it!

My students will soon be using the similar game board for division.

How do you run your math workshop? Any insights for a newbie? Leave me a comment!