Play Ball!

Spring is just around the corner...and that means that state standardized testing is just around the corner for my kiddos! Yikes! My next door neighbor and I decided to make our test prep into a baseball theme! So when the kiddos come back from Spring Break, we will be starting Spring Training! We will be practicing and strengthening our brain muscles as we get ready for game day.

Everyone knows that players do better when they have a strong fan base that is rooting them on! So we are sending a letter home to parents and asking them to write a note to their child for each day of testing. We will tape the notes onto our students' desks! Here is what our note looks like...
 And page 2 is where they write their notes...

We have plans to teach our kiddos some basic test taking strategies. We decided that they needed someplace to record these notes and so we made them a Play Book!
Do you want a copy of my play book? Download it for FREE here!

During the week's leading up to our AIMS test, I plan on having lots of test prep games and centers. I made THIS one to help students review for the math test!
In this game students will answer a math question and provide evidence for their answer. If the answer is correct they will roll the die. If they roll a 1 or 2 it is a single and they move forward 1 base. If they roll a 3 or 4 it is a double and they move ahead 2 bases. If they roll a 5 or 6 it is a triple and they move ahead 3 bases. Every time they pass home plate, they receive a point. The player with the most points is the winner.

The game covers the following skills:

Comparing fractions
3D Shapes
Adding and Subtracting 3 digit numbers
Elapsed Time

It is the perfect game for any 3rd grade classroom as they prepare for standardized testing! Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store.

Stay tuned for an ELA version of the game!

How do you review for standardized testing? Leave me a comment!