Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Area & Perimeter Robots

Area & Perimeter Robots

Why do kids struggle so much with area and perimeter?! Even my own son is challenged by this. I knew I needed a fun activity to help kiddos practice. Plus, I had these CUTE robot graphics that were just screaming to be used!

In THIS fun activity, your students will create a robot with arms, legs, a body and a head that have specified area or perimeter. It will make a cute bulletin board display in your classroom and is a FUN way to enrich and practice area and perimeter! It could even be used as an assessment.

The lesson includes:
Teacher Instructions
Student Instructions
Area & Perimeter Posters
8 different area & perimeter robot challenge cards (It is ok to give multiple students the same card since they will still end up with different creations!)

I just can't wait to do this with my son AND my class! (Being a 3rd grader with a mom who teaches 3rd grade is a real pain blessing.)

Please check it out in my TpT store.

This is my last night of Spring Break. I have mixed feelings. I am looking forward to seeing my kiddos and hearing about all their Spring Break adventures. I am also excited to roll out my baseball test prep activities (which the whole school will be doing since they liked my idea!). But I hate strongly dislike the sound of my alarm at 5:00! I am the kind of girl who needs to take her time in the morning! But we are only 9 weeks away from summer break and I have tons of great plans for this quarter! Bring it!