Easter Egg Hunt!

I finished the last of my Easter activities! I woke up one morning with thinking, "My class NEEDS to have an egg hunt!" I love to celebrate holidays with the kiddos but I always find ways to make it educational. And I think this is an activity that is so fun that the kids won't even notice that they are doing work! It is perfect for standardized test prep too!

Here is how it works:
You print out the math and grammar questions (which cover everything from subtraction and rounding to adjectives and plural nouns) and put them in plastic eggs. I also have included a response sheet that you can copy for each student. When it is time to play, the students must HOP around the classroom until they find an egg. Then they bring it back to their desk and answer the question inside. When they are finished, they HOP back and put the egg where they found it. Then they begin looking for another egg. When time is up- you have them trade papers and go over the answers together. The person with the most correct answers is the winner! I plan to give my winner a No Homework Pass and a chocolate bunny! I am really looking forward to watching them hop around the classroom!

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