Multiple Meaning Word Monsters

We only have 7 school days lefts until out standardized testing starts! My teammate and I really thought our kids could use some practice with multiple meaning words and so we worked together to make THIS unit. I LOVE it! I can't wait to start using it on Monday!
Included in the unit is a whole group activity, 4 centers, recording sheets, directions and answer keys.

Activities include:
Whole Group Monster Sentence Match: Each student will have a sentence with a word underlined. They must find the student in the room that has a sentence with the same underlined word that has the same meaning.

Literacy Center Monster Sentence Match: Students will match up cards where the underlined word in the sentences have the same meaning and record answers on a recording sheet.

Literacy Center Monster Part of Speech Sort: Students will sort sentences by whether or not the underlined word is being used as a verb or a sentence. Students record answers on a recording sheet.

Literacy Center Monster Sentence Writing: Students are given a multiple meaning word and asked to write two sentences with the word and in each sentence they should use a different meaning for the word.

Literacy Center Monster Definition Match: Students will match an underlined word in a sentence to its proper definition and record on a recording sheet.

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I am also teaching dictionary skills this week with some fun activities. I am excited about this because my classroom just got 6 brand new hardcover dictionaries from a Donors Choose donation!

Well it was a CRAZY week at school full of observations, behavior issues, exciting news, meetings, a hospital trip, paint and research this teacher needs a restful weekend! Bring it on!