Ticket Into the Room

I got this fabulous idea from my next door neighbor! I have been using it most of the year and I LOVE it! It is similar to an exit slip, but I do it first thing as they are walking into the room! Each day there is a task posted right outside of our door (such as "a proper noun."). As the students walk in they must give me an answer. If they get the question wrong or they don't know the answer, they stand to the side and listen to their classmates. It is a great informal assessment!

So I decided to share! Check out the materials I put together for you!
In this set, I included 78 different tasks that cover math, language, reading and fun topics (such as holidays)! I also included the ticket into the room sign and a ticket out of the room sign if you would prefer to do it at the end of the day. I even threw in some labels that you can put on folders or envelopes to keep the task cards organized! Check out my TpT store for more information.