Sports Theme First Day of School Activities

I had a circus themed classroom this year. It was fun and bright.
But I have to be honest with you...I think it was too primary for my 3rd graders. They didn't dislike it. But they never really got into it.
In January I had a big Superbowl theme in my room.

The kids LOVED it!!!

Then in March and April I did a big baseball theme!
Again the kids LOVED it!

So I got to thinking (which my husband says always leads to more work!)...Why not have a sports themed classroom next year?!!! YES! I can make each quarter a different sports focus. First quarter will be soccer. Second quarter will be football. Third quarter will be baseball and the last quarter will be basketball. YES!!! I think the sports thme is the perfect for creating a classroom based on team work!

So for the past month, I have been researching and creating new decor for my classroom next year. (Even though I was supposed to be focusing on the end of THIS year!) I will show you everything that I came up with soon! I promise! I want to wait until I can put it on the walls and take pictures.

But I do have something that I CAN share. I may be one of the only crazy teachers out there that is busy making activities for the first day of school when I have just 2 1/2 days left of school! But that is what I have been doing! And I am SOOOO excited about this unit!!!!

These activities are perfect for ANY classroom! It doesn't matter what your theme is because on those first days we are all trying to establish a classroom team!

Included in the lesson are 10 different beginning of the school year activties!

1. Find a Teammate Who...- An activity that gets kids up and talking to their new classmates.

2. Shooting for our goals- An activity that has kids writing goals for the school year. This one makes an excellent bulletin board!

3. Batting Line-Up- This is a simple ABC order handout that helps keep kids busy when the teacher needs to put away supplies or help a student who is anxious about the first day.

4.Interview a Teammate- An activity that has students interviewing each other and introducing their partners to the whole class.

5. Tour the stadium- This is an activity that gets students out of their seat and exploring their new classroom.

6. My Summer Score- An activity that has students doing some addition to determine how cool of a summer they had!

7. Make your own sports card- An activity that has students making their own baseball card.

8. Team Pennant- An activity that has each student making a pennant. All the class pennants can be strung together to make a fun display.

9. Game Day Mad-Lib- An activity that has students working with a partner and allows you to see how much of their language skills they remember!

10. Team Bingo- A fun whole group bingo game where the class is getting to know interesting facts about the other students in their class.

These activities get students out of their desk, allow them to be creative, give you a glimpse of what they remember from the previous year and encourage teamwork and colaboration. Plus they are lots of fun!
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