Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: June 2013

More on Math Journals and a FREEBIE!!!

I recently wrote THIS post about my new Common Core Math Journals.

This thing has been a HUGE hit! But there was a suggestion made that it would be nice to have these prompts made into task cards. This would make it easier (and use less paper) for students to complete the journal entries during math centers. Well I listened!!!

I made the first 38 prompts into task cards! They include ALL the standards in the Operations and Algebraic Thinking Domain. (The others are coming soon!)

These task cards do not just ask students to solve a problem. They also ask them to explain their thinking, defend their answer and explain the steps they used to solve the problem.

The kit includes 38 cards, an answer sheet for the students and a cover to make a journal. You could just use a spiral notebook if that is easier!

These task cards can be purchased HERE in my TpT store.

You ready for a FREEBIE?!!

My students don't have a ton of experience defending their answers and explaining their thinking. So I created a math journal sentence starter sheet to help get them started! And you can download it for FREE too!

This can be downloaded HERE. I would appreciate it if you would leave me some feedback!


Sports Theme FREEBIE!

I have been having the best time decorating my Sports Themed Classroom!!! I took some sneak peak pictures of the bulletin boards and I am going to be sharing them with you VERY soon!!!

But in the meantime...I have a FREEBIE for you!!! A set of 5 motivational posters for your classroom!

Here are 3 of the posters that you will find in this free file...

I printed these motivational saying and put them on clip boards. Then I attached the clip boards to a wall in my classroom! They look CUTE and they are great reminders for the students!

You can download your FREE copy HERE!

They coordinate perfectly with my EDITABLE Sports Theme Bundle!!!

AND my Sports Theme First Day of School Activities!

And don't forget that EVERYTHING in my TpT store is 20% off this weekend! That is a great deal!

Be sure to follow my blog so that you don't miss the classroom pictures and my next FREEBIE (which is already in the works!!!).

I'm having a sale!!!

It's summer break and that is as good of a reason as any to have a sale!!! EVERY item in my store will be 20% off on Saturday and Sunday! Yay!

This is the perfect opportunity to get one of my many classroom theme kits such as Sports, Beach or Hollywood! (My theme kits will all be editable very soon and you will be able to download the updated file as soon as I finish it!)

Or maybe you have your eyes on my new 3rd grade common core math journal!

Maybe some fun team building first day of school activities are just what you need!

Check out my full store HERE!

Happy shopping! 

Hollywood Theme First Day of School FREEBIE!!!

I had such a great time creating my Hollywood Theme Bundle that I decided to make some fun activities for a red carpet first day of school!!! And the best new...they are FREE! Yay!

Inside this FREE unit, you will find 6 fun activities to help students get to know the classroom and their peers. Download them HERE in my store.

It coordinated perfectly with my Hollywood Theme Classroom Bundle!!!

More big news...I started a Facebook page! Become a fan so you can be get Facebook explusive freebies and join in on the teacher discussions!

I have some more big news tomorrow! Be sure to tune in via the blog or Facebook!

Have a great night!

A REELY Great Hollywood Theme Bundle- NOW EDITABLE!

UPDATE: This kit now includes a 23 page EDITABLE PowerPoint file!!! Now you can type additional labels, type student names, change teacher binder covers, add different jobs, etc!!!

I think that the Hollywood classroom theme is super cute! So I was excited when a teacher from my school announced that she wanted to use the theme and asked me to make a bundle for her! I love it so much- that I couldn't stop making things!!! In the end, it turned out to be 141 pages!

Let me show you some sneak peaks!

The kit includes 12 different desk name tags that feature both actors and actresses.

 I love this fun behavior clip chart!

 I made homework binder and folder covers for both boys and girls. I just LOVE having an acronym on them! So this is the Movie STAR (Students Taking All Responsibility) Binder!

I LOVE the class jobs!!! You can use it like a clip chart. I like this because I often want more than one student on a particular job! But I also included stars that you can print for each student and attach to the job cards with Velcro.

As usual, I made TONS of labels! I made 54 small supply and math manipulative labels. I also made full page labels for bigger supplies that you might keep in bigger tubs. I also made labels for tables, centers, the clock and your class library book baskets!!! You will be VERY organized with this kit!

 The kit includes a calendar set with months and days of the week. Plus holidays!

 My new favorite thing is the Writer's Workshop Status of the Class clip chart. It i s a great way to keep track of what each student is working on and helps them to remember the steps in the writing process!
 I LOVE the birthday display!!!!

 Inluded in the lesson is everything you need to make a fun welcome display outside your classroom door! Grades 1-6 are included.
 How about STAR Bucks class economy!!! I am using a similar system this year and I think the kids are going to love it! I plan to pay mine for class jobs and behavior.

 I included 21 different subject cards for your daily "Rehearsal Schedule." I like to put them on magnets and attach them to my board. Then I write my objective under each one!

You know I LOVE organization. So I made 25 different teacher binder covers! I included one for each month so you can get your holiday activities organized. I did that in my classroom and I love it! Plus, I also included spine labels for each of the binders! Makes them easy to find on a shelf!

Here is the complete list of what you will find in THIS 141 page unit:

Desk Name Tags: Pages 3-14

Behavior Clip Chart: Pages 15-18

Homework Binder or Folder Covers: Pages 19-22

Class Job Display: Pages 23-29

Supply & Math Manipulative Labels: Pages 30-35

Table & Center Labels: Pages 36-37

Blank Labels: Page 38

Full Page Labels for Larger Supplies: Pages 39-45

Large Blank Label: Page 46

Months of the Year: Pages 47-52

Days of the Week: Pages 53-56

Calendar Pieces: Pages 57-60

Writer’s Workshop Status of the Class Clip Chart: Pages 61-65

Spotlight Writer Display: Pages 66-67

Birthday Display: Pages 68-73

Clock Labels: Pages 74-75

Welcome Displays: Pages 76-89

Class Library Book Basket Labels: Pages 90-94

Daily Schedule Cards: Pages 95-106

“Star Bucks” Classroom Money: Pages 107-110

Teacher Binder covers and Spine Labels: Pages 111-140
You can purchase this kit and all of my other classroom theme kits HERE in my TpT store.
Have a REELY great day!!!

Volunteer Appreciation Candy Grams!

I depend on parent volunteers in my classroom! Without parent volunteers I am guarenteed to spend the entire weekend copying, grading and prepping. Not fun! Plus parents volunteers are able to pull students into the hallway for one-on-one practice. That makes a big difference! Last year I did not get much parent support. Most of the parents had full time jobs, small children at home, etc. I guess some years are going to be like that!

I wanted to have a way to thank the volunteers that do help in the classroom. I gave them a gift at the end of the year..but it just didn't seem like enough. I wanted to be able to thank them all year long! And so I made THESE candy grams!!! They are cute thank you cards that you can attach a fun size candy bar to!

I plan to make lots before school starts and have them ready to send home! Gosh, I am going to be so organized this year!!!

The file contains 16 cute cards to attach to a particular candy (and a list that tells you which candy to attach), such as "Your help MINT a lot to me." I also included 8 cards that can be used with any candy. They have cute sayings such as "It was SWEET of you to grade papers!"

I just LOVE the bright pretty colors!

I origianally made this kit for parent volunteers, but as I was making it, I thought about giving these candy grams to team members, aids and other staff members that lend a hand!

You can grab this kit HERE in my TpT store.

3rd Grade Common Core Math Journal

I have been searching for the perfect 3rd grade math journal that covers the Common Core Standards. I wanted one where students would need to solve a problem but also be able to defend their answer.  I couldn't find the perfect one-so I made my own!!! And I am IN LOVE with it!

The journal includes 100 prompts that are all aligned to the 3rd Grade Math Common Core Standards!!! Every single standard is covered!!! This journal is so much more than a collection of word problems. These journal prompts ask students to defend their answers, list the steps they took to solve the problem, make their own problems, draw pictures, etc. Writing about their math thinking will help students to prepare for standardized testing and show a true understanding of the math concepts rather than just test if the student gets the right answer.

This product could be used so many different ways in the classroom. Here are some of my ideas:
Independent center work during math
Group assignment during math
Morning bell work
Math warm-up
Fast-finisher Activity

The journal could also be prepared in several ways depending on your needs and resources. Here are some of my ideas:

Copy the journal cover page and a complete set of journal pages for each student. Put them in a folder, binder and bind them together. The journal prompts are ordered by standard, but you don't have to do them in order. They have numbers on the bottom. So you can just tell students which page number they are responsible for that day. (This is what I plan to do. My students will work on the prompts during their independent work time while I am doing guided math groups!)

Copy the journal cover sheet for each student and glue it to the cover of a spiral notebook or composition book. Project the prompt on your board and have students respond in their notebooks. (This would save lots of paper!)

Copy certain pages that you want to use and have students complete the individual page as an assignment, assessment or for homework.

Included in the unit is a Table of Contents that shows which prompts are aligned with which standards. It is a great way to make sure that you are coving everything!

You really need to head over to my TpT store and check THIS out! Download the preview for 5 free prompts from the unit!!!

Have a great day!

Super Hero FREEBIE!!!

I have been teasing you all week about an upcoming FREEBIE and today is the lucky day!!! I redcently made THIS Super Hero Classroom Theme Bundle for a co-worker. And today I made schedule cards that match!

I have ones for my classroom that I use to write our objectives underneath! It also works well just to show the order of your day.

And it can be your's for FREE!!!

Download it HERE in my TpT store. And don't forget to check out the entire bundle that matches!

Have SUPER night!

NEW & IMPROVED Circus Theme Classroom Kit!!!

I had a circus theme last year and I had lots of compliments on it. But I decided to have a more "grown-up" theme this year and will be switching to a sports theme. But I have a sweet friend who will be teaching Kindergarten next year and so I gave her all my circus stuff. I offered to send her my Circus Theme kit. And then I opned it....YIKES! It was my first lesson that I ever made for TpT. And it looked like it...

So I gave it an over haul! I added a bunch of new stuff including labels, a welcome display and a calendar set. Check out some previews.

Check out the new and improved kit HERE in my TpT store!


More Writer's Workshop Goodies!

As soon as I wrote THIS post, I began getting requests for Writer's Workshop Clip Charts in different themes! Many of my classroom theme bundles include these clip charts!!! (Polka Dots, Beach, Sports, Super Hero and Star Wars.)

But for some reason, I didn't include one in my Stars Classroom Theme Bundle! Well that is fixed now! Check it out!

You can find this unit HERE in my TpT store.

Star Wars Classroom Theme!

How fun would a Star Wrs themed classroom be?!!! Your classroom could be the Jedi Academy! I guess that would make you Yoda. :-)

I made a kit that will get you started!!! It's fun! Here are some previews of this 94 page kit!

A STAR (Students Taking All Responsibility) Wars Homework binder!
 The job cards could be used as a clip chart is you give each student a clothes pin and rotate them. You could also put the jobs on the wall and give each student one of these stars. The stars can attach to the job cards with Velcro dots. Fun!
 I got CRAZY with the labels!!! It is my OCD for sure!
 A fun begavior clip chart. (I also included a Writer's Workshop status of the class clip chart but it isn't pictured here.)

A welcome display! You put the students' names on the yodas. I made signs for grades 2-6.
 Lots more in the kit, including Star Bucks class money!


Desk Name Tags: Pages 3-8

Student Homework Binder Covers: Pages 9-10

Classroom Jobs Display: Pages 11-20

Days of the Week: Pages 21-23

Months of the Year: Pages 24-27

Welcome Display: (Grades 2-6): Pages 28-35

Supply Labels: Pages 36-41

Math Manipulative Labels: Pages 42-43

Blank Labels: Page 44

Large Labels (For Supplies you may keep in larger bins): Pages 45-52

Schedule/Agenda Cards: Pages 53-58

Bathroom & Hall Passes: Page 59

Writer’s Workshop Clip Chart: Pages 60-66

Table Labels: Pages 67-68

Behavior Clip Chart: Pages 69-74

Class Rules: Pages 75-78

Teacher Binder Covers: Pages 79-89

Star Bucks Class Economy: Pages 90-93

You can purchase this kit HERE in my TpT store!

I hope you are a follower of my blog because as I am getting ready to give a freebie!!!