A REELY Great Hollywood Theme Bundle- NOW EDITABLE!

UPDATE: This kit now includes a 23 page EDITABLE PowerPoint file!!! Now you can type additional labels, type student names, change teacher binder covers, add different jobs, etc!!!

I think that the Hollywood classroom theme is super cute! So I was excited when a teacher from my school announced that she wanted to use the theme and asked me to make a bundle for her! I love it so much- that I couldn't stop making things!!! In the end, it turned out to be 141 pages!

Let me show you some sneak peaks!

The kit includes 12 different desk name tags that feature both actors and actresses.

 I love this fun behavior clip chart!

 I made homework binder and folder covers for both boys and girls. I just LOVE having an acronym on them! So this is the Movie STAR (Students Taking All Responsibility) Binder!

I LOVE the class jobs!!! You can use it like a clip chart. I like this because I often want more than one student on a particular job! But I also included stars that you can print for each student and attach to the job cards with Velcro.

As usual, I made TONS of labels! I made 54 small supply and math manipulative labels. I also made full page labels for bigger supplies that you might keep in bigger tubs. I also made labels for tables, centers, the clock and your class library book baskets!!! You will be VERY organized with this kit!

 The kit includes a calendar set with months and days of the week. Plus holidays!

 My new favorite thing is the Writer's Workshop Status of the Class clip chart. It i s a great way to keep track of what each student is working on and helps them to remember the steps in the writing process!
 I LOVE the birthday display!!!!

 Inluded in the lesson is everything you need to make a fun welcome display outside your classroom door! Grades 1-6 are included.
 How about STAR Bucks class economy!!! I am using a similar system this year and I think the kids are going to love it! I plan to pay mine for class jobs and behavior.

 I included 21 different subject cards for your daily "Rehearsal Schedule." I like to put them on magnets and attach them to my board. Then I write my objective under each one!

You know I LOVE organization. So I made 25 different teacher binder covers! I included one for each month so you can get your holiday activities organized. I did that in my classroom and I love it! Plus, I also included spine labels for each of the binders! Makes them easy to find on a shelf!

Here is the complete list of what you will find in THIS 141 page unit:

Desk Name Tags: Pages 3-14

Behavior Clip Chart: Pages 15-18

Homework Binder or Folder Covers: Pages 19-22

Class Job Display: Pages 23-29

Supply & Math Manipulative Labels: Pages 30-35

Table & Center Labels: Pages 36-37

Blank Labels: Page 38

Full Page Labels for Larger Supplies: Pages 39-45

Large Blank Label: Page 46

Months of the Year: Pages 47-52

Days of the Week: Pages 53-56

Calendar Pieces: Pages 57-60

Writer’s Workshop Status of the Class Clip Chart: Pages 61-65

Spotlight Writer Display: Pages 66-67

Birthday Display: Pages 68-73

Clock Labels: Pages 74-75

Welcome Displays: Pages 76-89

Class Library Book Basket Labels: Pages 90-94

Daily Schedule Cards: Pages 95-106

“Star Bucks” Classroom Money: Pages 107-110

Teacher Binder covers and Spine Labels: Pages 111-140
You can purchase this kit and all of my other classroom theme kits HERE in my TpT store.
Have a REELY great day!!!