Racing with our Verbs!

I started making thse verb centers and games ages ago and only just now remembered that I hadn't shared them with you!

I made the kit to help students practice verb tenses and irregular verbs. I added a fun race car theme to keep kids engaged. And it worked! My students loved it! Especially the Flat Tire game!

The Irregular verb flap book really helped my students to remember how to make a verb past tense. It helped organize those pesky rules!

The creative writing prompt was fun! And after they finished their writing, I had them highlight the verbs. Each tense of verbs was highlighted in a different color.

Then at the end of our verb unit, I used the assessment sheets in this lesson to test my students. I was super pleased with the results!

This unit includes:
Irregular Verb Whole Group Matching Activity
Irregular Verb I Have, Who Has Game
Past Tense Verb Flip Book
Flat Tire Game (Practice writing the past tense verbs)
Verb Tense Sort
Race Car Writing prompts and writing paper
2 worksheets that can be used for practice or assessment

You can find it HERE in my TpT store. Enjoy!