Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Reading is the Goal Sight Word Practice!

Reading is the Goal Sight Word Practice!

So today is my first official day of summer break! And the first thing I did was wake up and finish a lesson I had been working on creating. Dedication? Or stupidity? Hmmm....

I mentioned in my last post that I am changing my classroom over to a sports theme next year. I decided that I will have one sport dedicated to each of the BIG subject areas. So this is my plan:
Math: Football (Tackeling Tough Numbers!)
Writing: Cheerleading (Go! Fight! Write!)
Spelling: Basketball (Slam Dunk Spellers)
Reading: Soccer (Kicking Back with a Good Book or Reading is the Goal)
Then my behavior board and class jobs are done with a baseball theme. It's a little of everything!

I made the plan and now I am creating!

I didn't do much with sight words this year. I only had a couple of kids that struggled with reading grade appropriate sight words. However, I noticed that even my high readers were spelling the sight words wrong during Writer's Workshop. So next year I want to do more with sight words. I hope that it will improve reading skills for my lows and help everyone with their spelling. So the first thing I created was a soccer themed sight word assessment activity.

This is a fun soccer themed activity to help keep kids motivated as they learn their sight words!!!

Each student is given a paper soccer ball copied onto color paper that coordinates with the list of sight words they are working on. They will be working on 20 words at a time, Once they read those 20 words in the time determined by the teacher, they get a sticker on their soccer ball. After they have collected all 5 stickers, they get a Sight Word Champion certificate! Then they get the next list of words with a new soccer ball.

The soccer balls could be displayed on a bulletin board titled "Reading is the Goal!"

This way of assessing sight words keeps students motivated and allows the teacher to easily differentiate.

Included in the kit:
-Teacher Directions
-The first 6 lists of sight words. (Each list has 5 groups of 20 words.)
-Soccer balls for the students
-A class recording sheet to keep track of student progress.
-Six different certificates for students who master a list.

I plan to use this next year in my guided reading groups. I don't think it will take much time since each student will only be tested for 20 seconds. I am excited! Pick up a copy of this lesson HERE.

More sports lessons coming all summer! Stay tuned!