Star Wars Classroom Theme!

How fun would a Star Wrs themed classroom be?!!! Your classroom could be the Jedi Academy! I guess that would make you Yoda. :-)

I made a kit that will get you started!!! It's fun! Here are some previews of this 94 page kit!

A STAR (Students Taking All Responsibility) Wars Homework binder!
 The job cards could be used as a clip chart is you give each student a clothes pin and rotate them. You could also put the jobs on the wall and give each student one of these stars. The stars can attach to the job cards with Velcro dots. Fun!
 I got CRAZY with the labels!!! It is my OCD for sure!
 A fun begavior clip chart. (I also included a Writer's Workshop status of the class clip chart but it isn't pictured here.)

A welcome display! You put the students' names on the yodas. I made signs for grades 2-6.
 Lots more in the kit, including Star Bucks class money!


Desk Name Tags: Pages 3-8

Student Homework Binder Covers: Pages 9-10

Classroom Jobs Display: Pages 11-20

Days of the Week: Pages 21-23

Months of the Year: Pages 24-27

Welcome Display: (Grades 2-6): Pages 28-35

Supply Labels: Pages 36-41

Math Manipulative Labels: Pages 42-43

Blank Labels: Page 44

Large Labels (For Supplies you may keep in larger bins): Pages 45-52

Schedule/Agenda Cards: Pages 53-58

Bathroom & Hall Passes: Page 59

Writer’s Workshop Clip Chart: Pages 60-66

Table Labels: Pages 67-68

Behavior Clip Chart: Pages 69-74

Class Rules: Pages 75-78

Teacher Binder Covers: Pages 79-89

Star Bucks Class Economy: Pages 90-93

You can purchase this kit HERE in my TpT store!

I hope you are a follower of my blog because as I am getting ready to give a freebie!!!