Super Hero Classroom Theme!

I took my husband to see the new Superman movie yesterday for Father's Day. This is ground breaking news because I NEVER see anyting but animated movies and romantic comedies! I really didn't care much for the movie but he was so excited to see it in 3D in the theater with his wife. That made it worth the time!

And it got me very excited to create a Super Hero Theme Classroom kit!!! Check out these previews!!!

 I really like the job chart. You could use the jobs like a clip chart and just give each student a clothes pin. But I like the idea of using the blue pieces with the student names or numbers and attaching them to the job cards with Velcro dots! So fun!
 I am a sucker for labels! I included TONS of labels in this kit!
 A celendart set...
 I am a fan of a clip chart for Writer's Workshop status of the class! It helps me as a teacher keep organized, but it also helps the students keep track of all the steps in the writing process! The kit also has reading skill posters.
I even included some super hero images that you can cut out and use to decorate boards!

I also included posters to use as a welcome board for grades K-4 that say "Meet the Third Grade Heros." Then there are little super heros that you can write the students' names on. And they are girls and boys! Perfect!

All of these resourses would make it SUPER easy to get organized and decorate your classroom! You can find this kit HERE in my TpT store.

I am so excited about my next project...I am making a Star Wars Classroom Theme kit!!! Stay tuned!