Volunteer Appreciation Candy Grams!

I depend on parent volunteers in my classroom! Without parent volunteers I am guarenteed to spend the entire weekend copying, grading and prepping. Not fun! Plus parents volunteers are able to pull students into the hallway for one-on-one practice. That makes a big difference! Last year I did not get much parent support. Most of the parents had full time jobs, small children at home, etc. I guess some years are going to be like that!

I wanted to have a way to thank the volunteers that do help in the classroom. I gave them a gift at the end of the year..but it just didn't seem like enough. I wanted to be able to thank them all year long! And so I made THESE candy grams!!! They are cute thank you cards that you can attach a fun size candy bar to!

I plan to make lots before school starts and have them ready to send home! Gosh, I am going to be so organized this year!!!

The file contains 16 cute cards to attach to a particular candy (and a list that tells you which candy to attach), such as "Your help MINT a lot to me." I also included 8 cards that can be used with any candy. They have cute sayings such as "It was SWEET of you to grade papers!"

I just LOVE the bright pretty colors!

I origianally made this kit for parent volunteers, but as I was making it, I thought about giving these candy grams to team members, aids and other staff members that lend a hand!

You can grab this kit HERE in my TpT store.