Writing Workshop!

I have always loved writing. It was my favorite subject in grade school and I secretly dreamed of becoming a famous author. But as a teacher...writing is not my favorite subject. I feel like I need to be doing too many things at once and my more challenging students usually choose this time to stir up trouble. This just means that being organized during Writer's Workshop is a MUST! (I think that being organized for everything is a MUST but then again I think I might be OCD.)

Check out this unit that I made to help one of my coworkers get her Writer's Workshop organized!!!

I LOVE using a clip chart to keep track of the status of the class. The kids love that they are allowed to get out of their seat every now and then to move the clip, I can quickly see what each student SHOULD be working on, it frees me up for more time conferencing and it serves as a great reminder of the steps in the writing process for my students! Plus, it's CUTE! I even color code my chart with the color of pen I ask them to use for that step. So my students use a green pen to revise, a red pen to edit and a blue pen for the peer edit. When I conference with them, I can quickly see that they did each of those steps but looking at the colors on their paper!

The set has printables for the teacher binder. In my binder, I put the status of the class chart on top. Then I have a divider for each student. I label them with their student numbers so that I can reuse them each year. Under each divider, I keep reflection sheets that I fill in each time I conference with them. It helps to remind me of past goals that we had set and to see their growth. They could also be used during a parent conference.

I also made a boy and a girl cover for your student writing binders (that's what I like best!) or spiral notebooks. Plus, their is a student reflection sheet that I have each of my students fill out when they are getting ready for a teacher conference. It asks them to think about what they think they did well and what they want to improve.

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