Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: July 2013

Beginning of the school year!

Today was my first day of school! I forgot how exhausting the beginning of the year is! They had so many questions! But I have very high hopes for a good year.

Now that I am done with the first day of school, I am ready to get my Third Day of Third Grade Celebration ready!!! I made this fun scoot for my kiddos!
The activity includes two different types of questions:
1. Getting to know you questions.
2. Beginning of the year informal skills assessment questions.

All of the questions revolve around the number 3!!! Isn't that fun?!

The file includes 20 different task cards and a recording sheet.

You can check it out HERE in my TpT store!

Open House!

I cannot believehat it is time for open house!!! Where did my summer go?! And at the same time, I am SOOO excited to meet my new students!!! I hope they love our classroom as much as I do!

I thought I would share some pictures of my open house set up.

I organized my classroom into 4 different stations. I typed up directions for each station and attached the direction to an orange cone. I thought it really went with my sports theme! Here is mt first station...paper work
I put all the papers that I need the parents to fill out in a folder. I paperclipped the student name tage to the front.

I also made copies of a football maze and a coloring sheet for kids to work on while mom and dad are filling out papers!

The second station is the suppy station. I put all my buckets in the class libary and labeled them so that parents and students can put their supplies in the appropriate bucket.

The third station is the volunteer station. They can sign up to volunteer in the classroom or they can volunteer to purchase supplies from my wish list. Most volunteer positions are filled using signupgenous.com, but I do ask for volunteers for the biggies! Wish list requests are written on baseballs.

The last station is food!!! My husband made some muffins and the most adorable fruit tray with a watermelon in the shape of a watermelon! If you follow me on Facebook, I will post a picture tomorrow!

Here is the cute sign on my door! Sorry about the blurry picture. I was using my phone and the hall was a little bit dark.

Also, when I called my students to invite them to open house, I asked them to wear a sports tshirt or jersey! And wait till you see my outfit!!! Again, you best like me on Facebook!!!

Reading Genres FREEBIE

Today was my 1st day of in-service. Where did my summer go?!!

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EDITABLE Chevron Supply Labels!

Chevron is everywhere I look these days! I really like the pattern for a classroom. And you know how much I LOVE to label things!!! So of course I HAD to make chevron labels!!!

This file includes 54 different supply and math manipulative labels in 3 different bright colors for a total of 162 labels!!! Still missing a label that you need for your classroom? No problem! There are 3 pages of editable labels so that you can add your own text! Use them to label supplies, math manipulatives, centers, games, tables, cubbies, etc! This product can be used in any grade!

You can grab these labels HERE from my TpT store.

Stay tuned because I have some CUTE chevron teacher binder covers in the works too! And maybe even a freebie or two. ;-)

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For my SWEET parent volunteers!!!

I start back on Monday! Yikes! Where did summer go? The good news is that I am feeling much more prepared this year and I am actually excited about so many new things in my classroom!

I have made it my goal this year to improve parent/teacher relations. I have a whole list of ideas that I hope to implement this year. I will be sharing them here and there during the next month. The first thing that I did was make some super cute candy grams to give to my parents each time that they volunteer! I shared the product with you HERE in this post. But I made up about 60 of them this morning and I wanted to show you the final product!

I just love how colorful they are! Plus, several of the cards are perfect for giving to team members, administrative assistants, aids or any other person who might help you out! Everyone loves to be thanked!

The kit includes cute sayings that go with certain candy bars. Such as, "It is a JOY wo have you as a volunteer." for an Almond Joy. Or, "Your help MINT a lot to me!" for a York Peppermint Patty. There are also cards that you can attach any candy. Such as, "It is a TREAT to have you as a volunteer." Or, "It was SWEET of you to grade papers!" I included cards for field trip chaperones, at-home volunteers and class party volunteers. There are tons of choices!

I found most of the candy at Wal-Mart. They sold many of the fun size bars in a 6 pack for $1. I also happened to be at a party store and found individual candies for 20 cents and that is where I got the ners and the mini gummy bears. Plus, I had some candy laying around the house and in my classroom.

They were easy to make. Just print the candy gram (they are 4 per page), cut them apart and tape on the candy. Done!

If you want to purchase your own set of candy grams, you can purchase the kit HERE in my TpT store.

I am off to enjoy a movie with the kids and a date night with the hubby. I have to live it up during my last few days of summer!!!

A sneak peak into my Sports Themed classroom!!!

My class is not quite done. I start my inservices next week so I will be putting the finishing touches on the room this week. But I just couldn't wait to show you! So I have a few sneak peaks!

First, my math bulletin board. It's titled "Tackling Tough Numbers...

And my Slam Dunk Spelling bulletin board...
I made a basketball for each student. When they receive 100% on their spelling test, they will get to put a sticker on their basketball. After they have collected 5 stickers- they will get a coupon for 15 minutes of iPad time that they can use during Writer's Workshop.

Here is a little look at my math manipulatives...
 I just LOVE labels!

And my reading board which is titled "Reading is the Goal"...

I got a little crazy over the summer and made some pillows for my students to use during their read to self time!
Here is a look at my class job bulletin board...

That is just a peak! I will have a full classroom tour for you VERY soon so be sure to follow my blog!

WILD about Animal Print!

I got some new digi animal print paper yesterday and I am in LOVE!!! I was inspired right away to make some goodies for a teammate who has a bright colored jungle theme in her classroom.

First, you know I am crazy OCD about organizing! So I HAD to make some fun animal print labels!
There are 54 different labels in the kit for supplies and math manipulatives. All the labels come in 3 different bright colors!!! But if you are still missing a label that you need for your classroom- no problem! The labels are editable!!! You can make any label you want! So label your centers, your games, your tables, your cubbies....you options are endless!

You will find this product HERE in my TpT store.

Next, I am currently obsessed with clip charts! I especially love clip charts for Writer's Workshop! They help students remember the steps in the writing process and they serve as a great way to keep track of your status of the class! (Plus, some kids really need an excuse to get out of their seat every now and again during writing!) So here is my animal print writing clip chart...

Love those bright colors!!! You can find this product HERE in my TpT store.

But once I start making clip charts, I just can't see to stop! My teammate was looking for a creative way to display her students' reading hours. Clearly, I HAD to make another clip chart :-) How about some paw prints?!

Seriously, wouldn't that look cute in the classroom?! And I think kids will be motivated to get to the next paw print on the chart!

You can find this product HERE in my TpT store.

Finally, I made an animal print calendar set...
It is perfect for your classroom calendar but there are many other things you can do with a calendar set!!! In my classroom, I use an extra set of my calendar number to label my students' book boxes. You could also label desks, cubbies, centers, etc. The month cards can be used to label drawers or boxes that you use to store supplies and games for particular months.

You can find this product HERE in my TpT store.

I am NOT done with this animal print paper! I really want to make some cute teacher binder covers. I love labeling binders too!!! Golly, I might have a problem!

I also got some new chevron digi paper so you can expect some fun creations with that too!!!

Have a happy day!