Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: For my SWEET parent volunteers!!!

For my SWEET parent volunteers!!!

I start back on Monday! Yikes! Where did summer go? The good news is that I am feeling much more prepared this year and I am actually excited about so many new things in my classroom!

I have made it my goal this year to improve parent/teacher relations. I have a whole list of ideas that I hope to implement this year. I will be sharing them here and there during the next month. The first thing that I did was make some super cute candy grams to give to my parents each time that they volunteer! I shared the product with you HERE in this post. But I made up about 60 of them this morning and I wanted to show you the final product!

I just love how colorful they are! Plus, several of the cards are perfect for giving to team members, administrative assistants, aids or any other person who might help you out! Everyone loves to be thanked!

The kit includes cute sayings that go with certain candy bars. Such as, "It is a JOY wo have you as a volunteer." for an Almond Joy. Or, "Your help MINT a lot to me!" for a York Peppermint Patty. There are also cards that you can attach any candy. Such as, "It is a TREAT to have you as a volunteer." Or, "It was SWEET of you to grade papers!" I included cards for field trip chaperones, at-home volunteers and class party volunteers. There are tons of choices!

I found most of the candy at Wal-Mart. They sold many of the fun size bars in a 6 pack for $1. I also happened to be at a party store and found individual candies for 20 cents and that is where I got the ners and the mini gummy bears. Plus, I had some candy laying around the house and in my classroom.

They were easy to make. Just print the candy gram (they are 4 per page), cut them apart and tape on the candy. Done!

If you want to purchase your own set of candy grams, you can purchase the kit HERE in my TpT store.

I am off to enjoy a movie with the kids and a date night with the hubby. I have to live it up during my last few days of summer!!!