Open House!

I cannot believehat it is time for open house!!! Where did my summer go?! And at the same time, I am SOOO excited to meet my new students!!! I hope they love our classroom as much as I do!

I thought I would share some pictures of my open house set up.

I organized my classroom into 4 different stations. I typed up directions for each station and attached the direction to an orange cone. I thought it really went with my sports theme! Here is mt first station...paper work
I put all the papers that I need the parents to fill out in a folder. I paperclipped the student name tage to the front.

I also made copies of a football maze and a coloring sheet for kids to work on while mom and dad are filling out papers!

The second station is the suppy station. I put all my buckets in the class libary and labeled them so that parents and students can put their supplies in the appropriate bucket.

The third station is the volunteer station. They can sign up to volunteer in the classroom or they can volunteer to purchase supplies from my wish list. Most volunteer positions are filled using, but I do ask for volunteers for the biggies! Wish list requests are written on baseballs.

The last station is food!!! My husband made some muffins and the most adorable fruit tray with a watermelon in the shape of a watermelon! If you follow me on Facebook, I will post a picture tomorrow!

Here is the cute sign on my door! Sorry about the blurry picture. I was using my phone and the hall was a little bit dark.

Also, when I called my students to invite them to open house, I asked them to wear a sports tshirt or jersey! And wait till you see my outfit!!! Again, you best like me on Facebook!!!