Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: WILD about Animal Print!

WILD about Animal Print!

I got some new digi animal print paper yesterday and I am in LOVE!!! I was inspired right away to make some goodies for a teammate who has a bright colored jungle theme in her classroom.

First, you know I am crazy OCD about organizing! So I HAD to make some fun animal print labels!
There are 54 different labels in the kit for supplies and math manipulatives. All the labels come in 3 different bright colors!!! But if you are still missing a label that you need for your classroom- no problem! The labels are editable!!! You can make any label you want! So label your centers, your games, your tables, your cubbies....you options are endless!

You will find this product HERE in my TpT store.

Next, I am currently obsessed with clip charts! I especially love clip charts for Writer's Workshop! They help students remember the steps in the writing process and they serve as a great way to keep track of your status of the class! (Plus, some kids really need an excuse to get out of their seat every now and again during writing!) So here is my animal print writing clip chart...

Love those bright colors!!! You can find this product HERE in my TpT store.

But once I start making clip charts, I just can't see to stop! My teammate was looking for a creative way to display her students' reading hours. Clearly, I HAD to make another clip chart :-) How about some paw prints?!

Seriously, wouldn't that look cute in the classroom?! And I think kids will be motivated to get to the next paw print on the chart!

You can find this product HERE in my TpT store.

Finally, I made an animal print calendar set...
It is perfect for your classroom calendar but there are many other things you can do with a calendar set!!! In my classroom, I use an extra set of my calendar number to label my students' book boxes. You could also label desks, cubbies, centers, etc. The month cards can be used to label drawers or boxes that you use to store supplies and games for particular months.

You can find this product HERE in my TpT store.

I am NOT done with this animal print paper! I really want to make some cute teacher binder covers. I love labeling binders too!!! Golly, I might have a problem!

I also got some new chevron digi paper so you can expect some fun creations with that too!!!

Have a happy day!