Super Hero Classroom

One of my coworkers set up her room using my Super Hero kit! It turned out so cute that I just had to share pictures. I took them on my phone, so I appologize for the poor quality.

She chose to use black background and bright colored star borders. Everything POPS!

I am obsessed with clip charts lately! Almost all my theme kits now have writing process clip charts in them. I love the way she glued the small super hero to clothes pins and put their names on them. So cute!

I made tons of small labels for this kit, but she wanted large labels for some of her bins on top of her shelves!

A job clip chart! More of those cute clothes pins!

I love how her rules and behavior clip chart look displayed next to each other!

My favorite part of the room is this adorable reading hour display that she made!!! Each of her kids will have one of those flying heros (from the kit) to attach to the number of hours they have read.

Calendar display...

Super work board! So colorful! And more cute clothes pins!

She has more cuteness in her room but I guess I didn't get pics of everything! Check out my Super Hero kit in my TpT store!

I also have FREE super hero schedule cards that you can download!

I am trying to catch up on creating, email and blogging so you may hear more from me today!