Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: A binder for everything...

A binder for everything...

I am pretty certain that I am OCD. I absolutely love labels and having a place for everything. Piles are my enemy. Keeping it all organized as a teacher has been a challenge for an OCD person like myself. Last year I had file folders for everything. My file drawers were stuffed full and I could never find the file folder I was looking for. So this year, I am using binders. A LOT of binders! 

 All of the binders have covers and spine labels. And don't they look pretty on my Ikea book shelf?! It sits right behind my desk. While I am writing my lesson plans, I can just swivel around and check my reading workshop binder or multiplication binder. It's awesome. So far!

On the bottom of the book shelf, I have Ikea book boxes that hold my read alouds and some of my favorite teacher books. I have them organized by topic/theme. But I am still working on getting them labeled. Shame on me! I may even decorate them with some sports paper or ribbon. Too much white for my liking!

On top of the bookcase, I have 2 sets of Sterelite drawers to hold my papers and supplies for the week. All I need is a label that says "Newt Week."

So here is the BIG news for me...I bought a new computer last night! I have been using an ANCIENT laptop. Now I have a MacBook Pro. It is my first Mac. I think I will catch on quickly but it may be a bit before I feel comfortable!

I'll be back later with my newest product....something for your language interactive notebooks... :-)