Game Day Geography

When I think about fall, I think about football!!!

This year I am capitalizing on my students' interest in football with this fun geography activity and game.

Each week we will find out where our home town football team is playing. We will use a map to determine which direction they will be traveling and which states they will fly over. This is good practice for state reconition and using the compass. (You can extend this into a math lesson on Mondays. Go back and compare the scores and find the difference between the two teams!)

Then we will practice state recognition with this fun football themed game. Students will draw a state card and find it on the map. If they are correct, they roll a die and move forward that many spaces. The first person to the field goal will win. This game can become more challenging for high grades by using the map without states labeled!

You can even give the state cards to fast finishers and ask them to put the states in alphabetical order!

You can find this kit HERE.

Are you ready for some football?!