Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Informational Writing Goals Clip Chart

Informational Writing Goals Clip Chart

I have been sick since Saturday night. But I had too many important things happening at school to be able to stay home. After taking my cuties on a field, trip yesterday, I was a mess. So I wrote sub plans on the bus ride back and spent the day at home coughing and sneezing. Oh.... and doing grades, report cards and working on some resources for next quarter!!! I can't just rest! I must work or I feel guilty!

The good news for you is that I finished my Informational Writing Goals Clip Chart unit!

This product is exactly what you need for differentiating goals during writers workshop! It is perfect for working on your common core informational writing standards!

Here is how it works:

You print the goal posters and display in your classroom where students can see them. Each student will have a clothes pin.

After your students have written an informational piece, conference with them and set one goal you want them to focus on. Move their clothes pin to that poster so that they have a visual reminder. I also give my student a small version of the poster for them to keep in their writing binder as a daily reminder.

I explain to my students that at their next conference I will expect them to show me evidence of how they have worked on their goal. For example, they can use a highlighter to highlight capital letters if their goal was capitalization. If the goal has been met, we set a new goal together and move their clip to the appropriate poster. 

In order to increase accountability, I have students attach the self reflection form to the top of their completed writing pieces. This helps to guide their future conferences.

Lesson Includes:
4 title sheets for your display (Choose the one you like best!)
8 informational goal posters: punctuation, capitalization, introduction & conclusion, using facts, organizing writing, using text features, focusing on one topic and organizing writing into paragraphs.
Smaller version of every poster (4 of the same goal per sheet) to give to students to keep in their writing folders.
Student reflection sheet

You can find this product HERE in my TpT store!

I used the Narrative Writing Goals Clip Chart this quarter and I loved it. Students knew exactly what I was asking them to work on and the mini posters were a constant reminder to them. The large posters made for a great display!

Make sure you follow my TpT store because I will be making persuasive goals soon!

Only 1 more day until fall break!!! And it's a half day! WooHoo!