Sticky Note State Reports

The Common Core has put an emphasis on informational reading and writing in every grade. Teaching students to do informational writing using informational books can be a challenge. We will be working on informational writing and reading all next quarter in my 3rd grade classroom. And I am so excited about it! I LOVE to mix in some Science and Social Studies into my reading and writing workshop!

One project that we will be working on throughout the quarter will be state research reports. Each student will be assigned a state to read about during our weekly book club. Then they will write a report about their state using THIS fun kit that I put together.

Am I alone or do all students just LOVE using sticky notes?! In this lesson students will research a state, take notes using sticky notes, turn their notes into a report, illustrate, reflect on their writing and critique a partner's report. You can also have your students create a Table of Contents and Sources page if you choose. 

The writing pages will help keep writers organized!

They will love the process while learning about states, note-taking and report writing! (Hello Common Core Standards!!!)

After the students have written their reports I am planning to teach them how to use PowerPoint to make a presentation for the class! PLUS, they are going to use shoe boxes to make mini parade floats to represent their state. Then we will line them up and and learn about lots of states! 

Also, check my store for my Sticky Note Animal Report! My kids had a blast with this report last year so I plan to use it again when we get to our aquarium unit!

More sticky note reports will be added VERY soon. 

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