Common Core Reading Binders

Fall break has given me the time to catch on projects on my wish list! Today I put together Common Core Standard binders for reading!

These binders are going to help me keep all of my materials and assessments organized. I make things. And I find great freebies. And then I buy awesome products. But it can get hard to keep it organized. My school uses standardized report cards and so I really need my resources sorted by standard. Inside the binders, I have dividers for each standard.

I like the number dividers because the number correspond with the standard. I am using the last two to sort my informational text by subject.

On each divider, I included a label that reminds me about what is included in the standard.

I found these for free HERE.

Behind each divider, I put my graphic organizers, interactive journal pieces an assessments for the standard. This part of the binder is a work in process!

You know you are a teacher when you get excited about binders! But they are so functional...and CUTE!

How do you sort your Common Core materials?