Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Sticky Note Desert Research Report

Sticky Note Desert Research Report

The Common Core has put an emphasis on informational reading and writing in every grade. Teaching students to do informational writing using informational books can be a challenge. 

This quarter my students will be focusing on informational reading and writing. In science we will be learning about deserts. And I just love to mix my science, reading and writing! I am excited to teach them how to paraphrase and take notes, use text features and then use the facts to write an organized report. But in third grade...this can be a disaster! So I made THIS desert research unit!

Am I alone or do all students just LOVE using sticky notes?! In this lesson students will research a desert, take notes using sticky notes, turn their notes into a report, illustrate, reflect on their writing and critique a partner's report. You can also have your students create a Table of Contents and Sources page if you choose. 

The writing pages will help keep writers organized! And they really need help with this!

They will love the process while learning about deserts, note-taking and report writing!

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