Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Delicious Thanksgiving Products!

Delicious Thanksgiving Products!

I have already started celebrating Thanksgiving with my kiddos! We have been taking a trip around the world to learn how Thanksgiving is celebrated in other countries. The kids get so excited when I say, "Get out your passports! We leaving for our next adventure!" I am using THIS product by Little Red.

This fits perfecting with my reading curriculum since we are focusing on informational text all quarter. The kids love the fun facts and the cat and paste activities. They are doing an amazing job writing post crds from each country to tell their parents what they learned! I am looking forward to continuing this activity this week!

I just LOVE all of the products by Little Red! I use lots of their informational text kits in my guided reading groups. An for the next week and a half, I am planning to use THESE passages as my bell work. The topics are so fun and a few are really unique!

I am so excited about my plans for the short week of Thanksgiving! We will be using a couple of products that I made!

I have been working on teaching my students the scientific process. The week of Halloween we used THIS kit to do a pumpkin seed science experiment. It was a hit! So for Thanksgiving, we will be using THIS product to do a blind taste test. Our question is: In a blind taste test, can a person taste the difference between a store-bought and a home-made pumpkin pie.

The unit includes full-color posters for you classroom to help students remember each step in the scientific process.

It also includes a booklet for students to record each step in the process, informational text and a survey graph to use for research.

I already have parents lined up to bring the different pies in!

I also plan to have my students use THIS scoot to help practice elapsed time. This is a very tricky skill for 3rd graders! But I think that making it about Thanksgiving dinner will keep kids motivated and engaged!

The unit includes 20 color task cards, a student response sheet and an answer key. My kids love an excuse to get out of their seat and move so this should be lots of fun!

My students will also be doing a special Thanksgiving poetry reading for their Kindergarten buddies and their parents! I am excited for students to practice their speaking skills and build fluency as they practice their poems this week!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?