Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Getting Crafty in Math Class!

Getting Crafty in Math Class!

We have been getting crafty all week in math! The crafts have been the perfect way to engage my kids (especially since we have math at the very end of the day!) and reenforce the foundational skills of multiplication. I got many of these projects from Amy Lemons.

Here is a peak into our week:

On Monday, we worked on groups of two. Students were given a math fact on a post-in note and they used the fact to fill in the rest of their word problem. They traced their hands and glued on equal groups of cotton balls.

On Tuesday, students used beads and pipe cleaners to make bracelets with equal groups. I thought this activity was really helpful. My students were calling the groups by their color. (ie. yellow group, purple group, etc.) Sometimes it is hard for kids to see a group and this made it very clear. I didn't let the kids keep the bracelets. Instead, I am keeping them. I will be pulling them out as a math center later. Kids will get a few bracelets and write the fact that the bracelet represents. We can even use them to show division facts!

On Wednesday we made these cute equal group mushrooms. My kids are excited anytime they get to use their glue sticks!

On Thursday, we made these adorable arrays of sunshine. I got the idea from Fourth and Ten on TpT. She sells her templates, but I just made my own. (I WON"T be selling them though.) The kids got a real kick out of the play on words. And this was a great practice since I had them write the multiplication and division sentence shown by the array. We still need more practice on division, but I am proud of where they are already. It's only November! Yay!

Our projects were so cute, that I had to make a display on the wall. I titled it "Multiplying our Success." I am not very good with butcher paper and wall displays so this wall was  quite an achievement for me!

I am really looking forward to math this week too!

Since I had math art on my mind and we just put up the Christmas tree today- I was inspired to make some holiday math craftivities for my TpT store. I had never made a craftivity before, but now I am hooked. These guys turned out so stinkin' cute!

And the curly beard? It is actually multiplication facts!!! The kids will be having so much fun making this project, that they won't even realize that they are working on math facts!

I made a kit for multiplication and another one for division. Click on the picture to see the product in my store.

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