Teaching Elapsed Time with Reindeer Games

Elapsed time is my least favorite math concept to teach to third graders. They just don't get it! Many of them still struggle with telling time and basic addition and subtraction. They just don't seem ready for elapsed time. But I plug on and teach it. Over. And Over. And Over AGAIN! Please tell me I am not alone!

Since students struggle with the concept, I have seen them get frustrated and give up. In an effort to keep motivation high and frustration low, I like to use scoot activities when we practice elapsed time. I often allow them to work in partners or teams. I think this allows them to learn from one another and have some much needed success. I also think that getting out of their seat and movie makes all the difference.

Since I am a holiday LOVER, and so are my students, I knew we needed to use this excitement to practice our elapsed time. So I created THESE reindeer elapsed time task cards. It comes with a recording sheet and I plan to use it like a scoot game.

I mean, the reindeer are so darn cute! How can the kids not LOVE this?! Plus, the cards are kind of humorous. Hopefully we will have smiles instead of frustration! You can find this product HERE in my TpT store.

Any brilliant ideas for teaching elapsed time?