Veterans Day

Sorry to have been MIA for so long from my blog. School and a head cold have been kicking my butt. I recently did some thinking and realized that I was doing too much for too many people. And without much of any gratitude most of the time!  I had to look at my priorities and decided to put my family and students first. I feel much better! And I have lots of time this weekend for my family and some fun! I haven't had a weekend off in a month!

Now on to the sharing...

My class spent this past week researching and writing about Veterans Day. They loved it! I heard one of my students say, "I learned so much. I always thought Veterans Day was something to do with animal doctors." Lol!

Now I would LOVE to share pics of everything my sweet kiddos did...but my iPhone (what I use for pictures in my class) took a dip in the toilet (Don't ask! lol) yesterday. So no pics for me :-(

But I will share a little about what we did and what resources I used. It is not too late to learn about Veterans Day next week!

The main project that we worked on all week was researching and writing a report about Veterans Day. I was able to mix Social Studies, Reading and Writing into this one project. Score!

I used my Veterans Day Report Unit.

The unit includes an informational text passage with text dependent questions. I used these in reading for research. Then, during writing time, the students used their text to take notes on post-its and attach to the subheading on their sticky note research. They learned what a veteran is, what Veterans Day is, the history of Veterans Day and how people celebrate. After getting lots of details on to the sticky notes (in their own words), they worked on a first draft using the paper included in the unit.

By the end of the week, students were using their Good Informational Writers See... check lists to edit and revise their writing.

On Friday, they wrote it neatly on the fun final draft papers to make a report!

They were super proud of their hard work! So we needed a special way to display the reports! You can get the informational text and writing unit HERE in my TpT store.

Were made THESE adorable soldiers to hold on to their reports. As soon as I get a new phone, I will update with a pic of our finished products!

The kids were just putting the finishing touches on their craft when our guest speaker arrived. Mrs. R. is our school curriculum director and her son is a Navy Seal. She came and shared stories and pictures with the students. They asked such smart questions since they had learned a lot during the week! She was very impressed. THEN, we had a second speaker (somewhat of a surprise to me!). My parent volunteer that day happened to be an army officer! I had no idea! The girls especially loved to hear her stories!

Finally, my students went to visit their Kindergarten buddies. They told them a little about Veterans Day and helped them make THESE simple flip books!

Next year I hope to have some wall space for a display about the veterans my classmates know. I want to send home little cards that parents can fill out about every veteran they want us to remember and we can collect them all. I think that would be powerful!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Veterans Day weekend. Thank you to all the veterans were have served our great country!