Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Book Clubs

Book Clubs

I love book clubs! I decided this year that I wanted ALL of my students to get to participate in a book club. Often times, just the enrich groups get the opportunity.

Here is how I did book clubs this year:
I split my class into four groups and assigned them a book based on their ability level. I assigned a certain number of chapters to read each night. This was different for each group since I wanted them to finish the book at the same time and they were all reading different books. I also assigned a writing assignment for each week. This assignment is done in a composition book that is due once a week. I told the students that they could do the reading and the writing during their read to self center if they chose. Otherwise, they needed to do it for homework. I also gave the groups time to meet each week and discuss what they read and wrote. This helped with my speaking and listening standards! And at the end of the book, we did a project IN CLASS. No parent homework! This made my parents very happy and more willing to make sure their student turned in their weekly assignment. Students who did not complete their weekly assignment on time were assigned a traditional report that they had to complete at home. I had a few who chose this route. :-(

Last quater we were working on informational text. So I assigned each of my book clubs books on a state. At the end of the quarter they made state parade floats. WHOA! I was shocked by the facts they had retained! They had a blast making their floats and parents loved that they didn't have to do it at home!

All of these projects were done by students! Yay!

I just posted a brand new product that I plan to use with me book clubs. It is a game that really encourages students to talk about what they are reading. Check it out HERE.


My kids are going to have a blast with this! And shouldn't reading be fun?!!

How do you organize book clubs?