Celebrating Writers

Last year I really struggled with teaching writing. The hour seemed so LONG! And many of my kids seemed unmotivated. This year, I vowed to work on making writing more meaningful and engaging. I only made some small changes, but I think they made a BIG impact!

One thing I knew I needed to do was to find ways to celebrate my writers. I was hoping to increase motivation and I think that is exactly what it did! I keep a published writing binder displayed on a shelf in my classroom. Of course I had to have something to match my sports theme...

After the kids conference with me and make any needed changes, they can publish their writing on this fun colored lined paper!

I found the paper at Wal-Mart and Staples.

The kids can't wait to use the colored paper so they work really hard on their revisions! SCORE!

AND to make it even more fun, I allow students to read their published piece to the class using a megaphone! Perfect for our class theme!

How do you celebrate your students writing?