Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Common Core Math Journal Make-Over and SALE!

Common Core Math Journal Make-Over and SALE!

So last night I was so super proud as I wrote a blog post about how it was only the second day of the year and I was already blogging. I put photos and links in my post and clicked on "publish." And that is when I got an error message!!! My blog post was gone! I was too bummed to rewrite my post last night. So instead, it is the third day of the year and I am still proud of myself for blogging! The goal this year is to blog at least once per week. I am much better with updating my Facebook page. And I also do quite a few flash freebies on there. So follow me! :-)

Now on to my exciting news... my best selling product is my Third Grade Common Core Math Journal. It has 100 math prompts that ask students to provide evidence, examples or explain the steps they took to solve a problem. There are multiple prompts for every single Third Grade Common Core Standard! I use these journals in my classroom. I would show you a picture, but I dropped my phone in the toilet and lost my pictures. :-) ANYWHO-- I gave this awesome project a make-over! I changed out all the clip art to be super cute line-art from Mealonheadz so that it will print and copy nicer!

Since the prompts address each of the standards, I have been using them for assessments on my standards based report card!
 I also added some sentence starters to help your students learn to write about math.
 There are 100 math prompts with the standard clearly labeled at the top!
AND since I am so excited about the new look- I put my journal on sale! But the sale only goes until 10 o'clock MST tonight!

Want to try before you buy??? Download the preview to get 5 FREE prompts from the unit! I promise you will love them!

Have a happy Friday! I know I will be doing lots of relaxing during my last three days of break! (And some more creating too!)