Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Reading Groups and Literacy Centers and a FREEBIE

Reading Groups and Literacy Centers and a FREEBIE

If you follow me on FACEBOOK (which of course you do!) then you know that recently redid my reading groups and literacy centers.

Last quarter I was team teaching during reading groups. I was working with the enrich and on-level students. I had great reading passages to work with and groups were pretty simple and functional. I had taught procedures and routines so my students knew exactly what to expect which made my groups run smoothly. The plan was to continue these groups this quarter. In fact, I had three weeks of reading groups planned and prepped! I was feeling very accomplished! Two days before reading groups were scheduled to start back up, I found out that I would no longer be team teaching. BUMMER! So I got a bit angry. Then that turned to sadness. And FINALLY it turned into determination to create something new and better! And sometime around 4 AM, I think I figured out how to make it all happen!!!

We are two days in to our new routines, but it looks so smooth that you would think the students had been doing this all year. And I am SOOO much happier! I thought I would share our new plan.

First, I went from three reading groups to four. I have wanted to all year and I finally got the ok to do so! Now my intervention group only has 5 students! YES! I can better differentiate!

I made some cute signs to match my sports themed room. SCORE!

I only have one hour to meet with my reading groups. And 15 minutes never seems like enough time to go deep into text while still reviewing phonograms and sight words. So I decided to meet with only 2 groups per day. Since I have reading groups 4 days per week, I will meet with each group twice per week for a total of one hour. I LOVE this schedule!

Monday and Wednesday: Meet with my top two reading groups
Tuesday and Thursday: Meet with my bottom 2 reading groups

The students have three other centers to work on: Language, Technology and Read to Self

On the days that they meet with me, they also do their language centers. I am SOOO excited to finally have more grammar practice in my daily schedule. I used these centers last year, but never could find time for them this year.

I have 12 shoe box tubs that are labeled with numbers.

The students all have a monthly workbook...

And on the back of the notebook, they have a list of the center topics. The numbers correlate with the numbers on the tubs. As they complete a center, they hole punch the button above the number. So they have choice about the order!

Inside each bin in a baggie with a cover sheet taped to the front.

Inside they find cards to do sorts with. They record the answer in their workbook.

My kids love these centers and I love that they are simple enough for them to complete independently.

On days that they don't meet with me they are doing technology and read to self.

Our technology center consists of using chromebooks and working on our i-Ready lessons.

The read to self center changed a little. I thought that reading for 30 minutes straight might be challenging for some of my kiddos. And I really wanted them to show me they were really reading! So the new plan is that they read for the first 20 minutes (I set a timer). Then the last ten minutes they spend writing about what they read in their reading response journal. They use THESE great reading menus to guide their writing. The kids LOVE it!

The best part for me is that I have more time to work with each reading group when they come to meet with me!

For my intervention group, we go over phonogram cards every time. We also use THIS game to practice sight words.

Then we still have time to read passages together!

For my enrich groups, I trained them to come back and begin reading whatever I left on the table with their accountability partner. And to make things fun, I created THIS fun table of how they will read with their partner. They love it! And you can grab it for FREE!

After they read, we still have lots of time to practice skills and fill out graphic organizers together!

After a week of running centers this way I am on cloud nine! Everyone is getting more of what they need! I only wish I had started this sooner!

Feel free to leave a comment about your reading groups!