I'm Giving Products Away!

Yup! You read the title correct! I am giving products away! And the really cool part...you get to choose the product!!! So do I have your attention? (Sorry. That's the teacher in me!)

Here is how it works....

I have a Donors Choose project. I am asking for books to give to my students through an auction the last week of school. I want to be certain that every one of my students has a book to read this summer!

So what does this have to do with you? Good question!

Anyone who makes a $1 (tax deductible) donation TODAY and uses the promo code INSPIRE, can choose any $3 or less product from my store for FREE! Wait! Even better....Anyone who makes a $3 donation TODAY and uses the promo code INSPIRE can choose ANY PRODUCT FROM MY STORE FOR FREE!!!! That's a deal!

All you need to do is make the donation using the promo code. Then email me (sears1130@gmail.com) with your Donors Choose user name and the product you are requesting for free. I'll email it to you no later than tomorrow morning!

Click HERE to go to my project. Then click HERE to go to my store and choose your freebie!

Thank you for your generosity!