Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: President's Day

President's Day

I am loving this long weekend! Just what I needed after a week of conferences, progress reports and throwing a Valentine's Day party! But I am a Social Studies teacher at heart so I am also excited to get back to school tomorrow. I am going to be teaching about presidents all week in Reading, Writing, Math and Social Studies! I have been looking forward to this since winter break.

I thought that I would share some of the resources I will be using this week in case you are still looking for some activities to add to your plans. (Not that we would ever wait till last minute to plan, right? Ha!)

First, I made this PowerPoint that covers Washington, Lincoln, President's Day, Becoming President and Voting! Click on the photo to grab it for FREE! Yes! FREE!

I plan to go over a couple slides per day and then we will put all of our new learning together with the creation of a lap book on Friday! My kids love lap books!

I love President's Day so much that I treated myself to some fun products from some talented TpT sellers!

In math centers, my students will do a couple activities with money! They will get to play Race to $1.00 and they will be making THESE books about the presidents on the different coins and bills!

Back at the guided reading table, we will be using THIS unit. Students will read facts about presidents and then make the flip book about their favorite president. Information text reading and opinion writing! YES!

Every morning, my students will be reading informational text and filling out graphic organizers. They will also get to do a craft each day. I got them all from THIS unit. I have owned it for months and have been counting down the days!

You can also grab THESE free informational text passages with text dependent questions!

I am also looking forward to reading this book to my students. It's a good one!

How will you be celebrating President's Day?