Update on my Reading Groups

A few weeks ago I blogged about how I needed to completely change my reading groups. You can read the post HERE.

I thought I would give you a quick update on how they are working. I am LOVING them! In fact, I may do math the same way next year! The 30 minutes of meeting with a group means we can practice a skill and even assess the skill! We are able to read longer passages and my read-to-self group is reading for longer as well. This means that they are working on endurance! Yay!

This is a student reading with his buddy from a Time For Kids Magazine.

My top two groups were assigned reading buddies. I leave something on the reading table for them to read with their buddy each time we meet. It gives me time to check on my lower kids who are working on a center.

Here is one of my other students working on their book club.

I assigned them each a book to read that was their level. They have to read for 20 minutes and then they spend the last 10 writing about what they read. My kids LOVE this center! Some of them already finished their first book!

Here is one of my students working on her technology center.

My students love having a longer period of time to work in the technology center even if it is only two days per week. Before, they spent most of their time logging in. Now they are spending more time doing lessons and practicing!

Here is one of my students working on her language center.

These centers were written for 1st graders. Some are simple, but most are still very beneficial for my 3rd graders. At the end of January, I graded their January centers. It became their grammar grade on my progress reports. I learned that they were struggling the most with prefixes and suffixes so I am doing more mini lessons in that area.

Reading is the best part of my day! Now it is time to work on my math block...