Anchor Charts

I have to start with a major confession. I STINK at making anchor charts! I see all these gorgeous ones on blogs. I am in awe. I guess I just never took that class in college! I can't draw anything to save my life. No, I mean it. It is so bad that when I do manage to draw something and my students can tell what it is- they clap for me. Writing in a straight line is hard enough for me. And when I am trying so hard to write large and straight- I always misspell something. It's pathetic. Let's just keep this our little secret though. Shhhhh!

We still make anchor charts as a class from time to time. I generally have one displayed in our class library at all times. But for the most part, I like to use computer generated posters. I can make those! And they are easier to store. Now back to my tip....

I love Pinterest! But all the great ideas can get overwhelming. My solution? I had my husband get a Pinterest account. He has a board called "Honey Do List." From time to time, I see things I would love to have made for the house or my classroom. I just send the pin to him and he puts it on that board. Well today is the day that he is working on his first Pinterest Honey Do project! (Have I mentioned how awesome he is?!)

He's making me one of these mini anchor chart holders that Falling Into First shared on her blog!

I plan to use this at my small group table. I can hang reading strategy posters and close read mark up posters for literacy groups. During math, it can house vocabulary posters.

When I am not using these great posters, I want them to still be accessible to my students. I want to teach them to be accountable and use resources rather than asking me all the time. My solution?

I put four avery hooks up under one of my bulliten boards. I labeled them math, reading, language and science. When we are done with a poster, I just punch a hole in it (they are laminated), put them on a jump ring and hang them from the hook.

Since I don't have room to hang every poster we have used from a bulletin board, this is my next best thing! Students might be working in a center and come across vocabulary from an earlier lesson. They can just grab the ring from the hook and refresh their memory.

How do you organize anchor charts? Are you one of those amazing anchor chart artists that the rest of us drool over?