Totally Task Card Tuesday- Why I Use Task Cards

Welcome to my first installment of a blog series on task cards! For the next several months I will be writing about different ways that I use task cards in my classroom. But first, I want to tell you WHY I use these task cards.

Why I Use Task Cards in my Classroom

1.  They make it simple to differentiate! I can give cards to certain students or groups of students based on their skill level and needs. I can guide my lowest groups through the task cards while allowing my higher groups to work on them independently. 

2. Task cards are simple to prep. I get tired of prepping games and center with tiny pieces to cut! Then I have to add counters and dice. Task cards are a breeze! Just print and cut. You can give students the recording sheet. But they can be used in MANY ways without a recording sheet too! (More in future posts!)

3. Task cards are reusable year after year. You make them once and can use them for years to come. In fact, I use some of my sets multiple times in one year!

4. Task cards can get kids out of their seats! I often use task cards in centers and for scoots. This allows my kinesthetic learners and my ADHD learners the opportunity to move! This makes them so much more receptive to the skills being practiced on the cards.

5. Task cards can be an assessment tool. As we transition into the Common Core, my school is short on assessment tools. I love using task cards to fill that gap.

6. With task cards, I can teach the procedures once and do the activity regularly. The directions are the same! Once I teach my class how task cards work, they can do sets all year long!

7. Task cards are great independent centers. I use task cards during my math and my literacy centers every week. They give my students something meaningful to work on while I focus on my small guided group instruction. 

8. Task cards make it simple to provide a spiral review of skills. I love teaching in units of study but I also want to know that my students are reviewing past skills. All I have to do is stick a set of task cards in a center to provide that necessary review.

9. Task cards are perfect for that extra 2 minutes you happen to have occasionally! Sometimes, they do restroom break fast or they pack up quickly. Task cards provide a meaningful activity to fill super small amounts of time. (More about this in future posts!)

10. Most importantly, I use task cards because my students love them! They keep them super engaged. Students are happy to do something other than a worksheet!

Do you use task cards in your classroom? If so, why do you use them?

Tune in next week for a post on a fun way to use task cards in the classroom to increase student engagement.